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Yoga at Home


A Family Favourite!

My family is obsessed with this particular mint flavour of Bombay Tea Party. It becomes a part of our post-dinner unwinding routine. The flavour is just perfect- light and tender. Also, the packaging was very exquisite-glad that it got me attracted to the product and I discovered this amazing flavour! Will definitely be buying this one regularly as it has become a can’t-do-without thing for my fam! ❤️

Very interesting light taste!

The tea has a very beautiful aroma. The hints of mint are quite refreshing. It has a soothing taste. The tea is mild yet rejuvenating

Light and satisfying!

It's safe to say I'm a big fan! Big ups to Farzad and Arjaan for making this happen. totally enjoyed this variant and was impressed by the quality of the product and certainly will regularly order this!

Humaira Kapadia


Aditya Menon

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